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Massage Services & Reiki Massage from New Bedford, Massachusetts

Everyone benefits from massage, and we have a massage therapist on staff available seven days a week at our tanning salon. At SunKissed Tanning in New Bedford, Massachusetts, we offer relaxing massage services, including Japanese Reiki massage.

Woman Receiving Massage, Massage Services in New Bradford, MA

Sports Massages

Since many young kids play sports and use their bodies very intensely, we offer sports massages. This form of massage therapy also helps prevent injuries by allowing you to work at an optimum pace. With sports massages, we help relieve your specific injuries or discomforts and we keep your muscles relaxed and working properly.

Japanese Reiki Massage

Reiki is a Japanese technique that helps reduce stress and increases relaxation while promoting healing. With this non-invasive technique, the practitioner places their hands very close to you but not necessarily touching you. This directs the healing energy through your body. Since this is more of an energetic healing as opposed to a hands-on massage, anyone can benefit from Reiki, from infants to seniors.
Contact us today in New Bedford, Massachusetts, to schedule an appointment and relax with our traditional and Reiki massage services.